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As men age, a drop in testosterone levels can happen.

Testosterone has been shown to protect bones and strengthen muscles, improve erectile dysfunction, as well as contribute to improved moods in patients with both depression and hypogonadism.

Do you have  symptoms of low testosterone?

Low testosterone may cause up to 12 symptoms in men. Balancing your hormones back to optimal baseline will make your body perform & feel better.

20% of men have evidence of low testosterone.

Feeling fatigued? Have lower libido? Maybe you’re having trouble getting a good night sleep? Many if not all of these symptoms may be cause by low testosterone.

Get your life energy back in as little as 3 weeks.

With a combination of hormonal and natural therapies, men suffering from "low t" may see a vast improvement in their physical health, mood, and overall quality of life.

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50% Off TRT Therapy For the First 3 Months.

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NAD+ injections & HCG peptides

By boosting your NAD+ levels you can enjoy increased energy, mental clarity, and overall health and wellness. When you become an iThriveMD patient we include both NAD+ & HCG peptide injections ($200 value).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will testosterone therapy make me feel young again?

If you are dealing with hypogonadism, yes, it will. If your testosterone is low because you are older, taking TRT should help you feel better within 3 weeks.

How long does TRT therapy take?

You may begin to notice the effects of TRT in as little as three weeks and even less time in some people.

How long will I need to be on TRT therapy?

Since TRT does not cure the causes of low T but rather alleviates its symptoms, when you stop treatment, those symptoms will return. So, TRT needs to be taken indefinitely to prevent low T from recurring.

How Is TRT Administered?

Treatment comes in several varieties. Users may apply a gel onto the shoulders or abdomen. It may be injections, or a doctor might prescribe a buccal patch between the cheek and gums. However, at iThriveMD we believe injections are the most effective form of TRT therapy.

Can I inject myself at home?

Testosterone injections are most often given by your doctor. The injection site is typically in the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. However, at iThriveMD we allow patients to self-administer injections at home.

Free Low Testosterone Test

Do you have symptoms of low testosterone? If so, then please

Free Low Testosterone Consultation

When you find yourself dealing with symptoms of low testosterone, you do not have to suffer in silence. Knowing the cause of your low levels is a good starting place on your way to improving your symptoms and quality of life. At iThriveMD your TRT plan is customized to fit your biology. Once you have your low testosterone number we can help guide you on your way to health.

NAD+ Shot Included + HCG Peptide Injections

By boosting your NAD levels, you can enjoy increased energy, mental clarity, and overall health and wellness. When you become an iThriveMD patient, we include both NAD+ & HCG peptide injections ($200 value).

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Contact us today for a FREE Low T test + 50 OFF TRT.

Do you think low testosterone may be the cause of your symptoms? Contact us today , and get NAD+ & HCG peptides plus 3 Months of testosterone therapy at 50% off.

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