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To achieve peak performance it is essential to give your body what it needs in terms vitamins, Minerals and amino acids to build and develop.

Advances in medical testing have allowed us to take a look at nutrient levels both in our cells and free in blood circulation, to find which foods your body may have adverse reactions to causing inflammation, diminished performance and reduce your ability to stay lean and lose weight.

Another powerful area to have assessed and managed is Hormone levels as they are the one of the most important factors in how you feel and perform.

Hormone replacement and peptides therapies when effectively managed are powerful tools to bring you back to your best self and elevate you to the next level of performance.

What It Includes?

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Hormone Balancing

Hormones manage processes that use the bloodstream to send messages to organs and tissues. This management of hormones includes control of mental and physical operations, such as reproduction and metabolism.

These productions are critical to athletic performance, which is why iThrive manages hormone balance.Hormone levels have the potential to fluctuate our entire lives. Hormonal imbalances — too little or too much — can dynamically impact the way your body works.

Among other things, natural aging can affect hormones significantly. Other changes can be the result of the endocrine glands.When it comes to hormone balancing, we use proven natural and medicinal protocols to help.

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Peptides are short chains of amino acids. They are not as complex as full proteins, but they are the basic building blocks of compounds like muscles, hair, and skin. Peptide Therapy San Diego can help your body heal faster and rejuvenate.

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Lab Results + Tracking

Look to iThriveMD® for effective processes and error management. We want you to know we are proactive about responsible treatment. Tracking lab results helps us give our clientele and athletic trainers the best possible choices and answers to create endurance athletes.

The only way to truly ensure treatments are effective, to make adjustments as needed, and to present those solutions as successful, we use fine-tuned tracking methods. This also helps reduce errors. 

We use four basic tracking principles: 

(i) tracking tests until results are completed
(ii) keeping patients up to date
(iii) documenting notification
(iv) ensuring, where necessary, abnormal results are received by all the required parties.

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Targeted IV Nutrition

IV nutrition therapy is the latest medicinal approach to athletic performance nutrition. It determines where your body is at a loss for nutrients.

This approach arose after studies demonstrated that nutrient treatments aren't selective enough in nutrient targeting.IV nutrients detoxify cellular metabolism, correct intracellular deficiencies, reduced oxidative stress loads, and free radical damage. They put nutrients — amino acids, minerals, vitamins — where cells need them.Targeted IV nutrient therapy is only applicable when correcting specific nutritional deficiencies.

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Red Light + Cryotherapy

Energy cells use mitochondria to strengthen cells, repair cellular damage, rejuvenate themselves and, in turn, ourselves. Red light therapy influences biochemical processes in mitochondria. The treatment activates natural productions that speed up healing via temporary increases in blood circulation and lymphatic fluids.

Cryotherapy uses freezing conditions to remove abnormal cells. With the removal of bad cells, more vital cells will regrow in those spots. Cryotherapy alleviates pain and swelling. There are targeted solutions and whole body cryotherapy as well. When applied, blood, enzymatic and metabolic activity, and oxygen demand decrease.

Under needed treatment conditions (including muscle development), rejuvenating the body based on your health history influences treatments. iThrive uses only trained and certified techs to deploy and execute these therapies.

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Customized Supplement Protocol

iThriveMD® always focuses on natural ways to improve performance. Studying and implementing the best diet and lifestyle options. But sometimes, improvement requires a supplemental solution as well.

A healthy diet might include supplements that support metabolic thruways, manage creatine, getting enough water, and biochemical reactions. Another solution may involve the immune system.

It's important to remember, there may be innumerable dietary supplements a cart-click away, but for supplements to truly work for male and female athletes, you want recommendations customized to your needs, not generic OTC content.

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Maintaining athletic performance doesn't have to be a struggle. A premier wellness med spa-like iThrive designs customizable and scalable personalized treatment plans tailored to managing athletic performance in San Diego.

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