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What is Vitamin IV Therapy?

Vitamin or nutritional IV therapy uses a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in an intravenous solution to help provide a health boost. Because the administration is through an IV into your bloodstream, it gives immediate results.

Healthline explains that you should only undergo IV nutrition therapy under the care of a medical professional who can ensure you get the proper types of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins at the right dosage. He or she can customize it to your specific health needs.

This type of therapy aims to help you get the immediate absorption of vitamins at a level you cannot get through nutrition alone. When you eat foods, your body will breakdown the vitamins in the food, resulting in you only absorbing a small percentage.

On the other hand, IV therapy allows you to absorb a much higher level of vitamins, which will enable you to get the maximum benefits.


Women's Health states that nutritional IV therapy has many uses and may be useful in treating:

  • Low energy
  • Compromised immune system
  • Weight issues
  • Anxiety
  • Signs of aging
  • Dehydration
  • Pain, such as that from fibromyalgia
  • Infections
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Stress
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What Nutrients Are Used in Therapy?

IV nutrition therapy San Diego will use a range of vitamins and other nutrients to help the body in specific ways. The vitamins are all water-soluble so that your body can excrete any excess that it doesn't need. Common nutrients found in therapy include:

  • Vitamin C
  • B vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Amino acids
  • Antioxidants

You should make sure you know what is in your specific mixture because there are many versions available to treat different needs.

How is IV Nutrient Therapy Performed?

IV nutrient therapy usually occurs in a clinic, but it also can happen in a home setting. It should appear under the supervision of a medical professional, regardless of where it happens.

The process requires inserting an IV in a vein, usually in the arm. You have to sit as the IV drips until the bag empties. It can take a bit of time due to the slow administration.

What Are the Benefits of IV Nutrition?

IV nutrition San Diego therapy can offer a range of benefits, depending on the actual mixture of nutrients. Some of the potential effects include:

  • Energy boost
  • Improvement of immune Health
  • Weight loss assistance
  • Reduction in anxiety symptoms
  • Anti-aging
  • Quick rehydration
  • Reduction of pain
  • Quicker healing
  • Nutrient replacement
  • Stress relief
  • Healthier skin and hair

IV Nutrition Therapies


NAD+ therapy stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide therapy. NAD is a coenzyme found in your cells that converts food to energy within the cells.

This type of therapy is popular for its anti-aging benefits. It can help increase energy and metabolism while also allowing you to focus. It may also help with cardiovascular health and assist with detoxing from drugs and alcohol. (NAD+ metabolism research document)

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Quick 30-45 min infusion providing direct nutrition to help you bounce back and keep you moving, designed more as a maintenance bags for those already living a healthy active and Moderate lifestyle.

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60 min infusion for those that are active and can use the extra boost in a larger more hydrating bag, ideal for those looking to recover after form athletic performance, recreational excesses and to help prevent and kick through colds and flu’s like symptoms.

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75min Infusion. Fully loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids to keep the elite operating at peak performance levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more information, it can help to review some common questions people have.

What is Infusion Therapy Used to Treat?

According to the National Home Infusion Association, there are many medical uses for IV therapy. These include treating diseases that do not respond to oral medications or giving nutrients to people with gastrointestinal conditions, making it difficult for them to retain nutrients naturally. It also can aid with dehydration, providing quick hydration for the body.

Vitamin infusions are also helpful for personal reasons. They can give you a boost of energy or assist you with hydrating your skin. They can support your immune system and give you vitamins and other nutrients that you may lack in your diet.

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Is Vitamin C Bad for Your Kidneys?

The National Kidney Foundation states that vitamin C can be an issue for people who have kidney disease. It can buildup in the bones and soft tissues, which leads to pain. However, there are no severe risks, and it is generally safe for those without kidney issues.

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Why Do Celebrities Get IV Drips?

Many people, not just celebrities, get IV drips, but you've likely heard more about celebrities because this therapy used to be incredibly expensive. Your average person couldn't afford it.

However, nowadays, it is affordable for everyone.Celebrities did help boost their popularity because they loved the effects it had. Many used it to relax and restore. Some used it for anti-aging benefits.

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