How Do Hormones Affect Your Health?

If you have a hormone imbalance, it may be affecting your energy levels right now. Feeling fatigued? Have sex drive issues? Maybe you’re having trouble getting a good night sleep.

Our medical team understands that hormones play an important role in your overall wellbeing. Our goal is to get to the root cause of your health issue and help restore your body’s natural balance and ability to heal itself.

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What Are the Signs of Hormonal Imbalance?

If you notice any of these signs, you may want to come see one of our specialists at our hormone balancing clinic in San Diego.

Symptoms In Men

Lower Energy Levels & Fatigue

If you're constantly tired and lacking the energy to do everyday tasks, it could be a sign of hormonal imbalance.

A Decrease In Muscle Mass

Hormones can significantly affect your ability to create and maintain muscle mass. Couple this with fatigue, and you can get out of shape very quickly.

Mood Swings

Finding that you can get easily angry at little things or extremely sad at inappropriate times could be a sign of a problem. These feelings are most concerning when your emotions change quickly without any understandable reason.


Feeling extremely sad with no cause can be a problem. Depression can affect your health in many ways, and sometimes all it takes to fix it is getting your hormones under control.

Decreased Sex Drive

Low libido can exhibit differently in different people. However, if you find yourself not enjoying things you would have before, it might be a hormone imbalance.

Erectile Dysfunction

On top of a low sex drive, many people with hormone imbalances can't even get aroused. Erectile dysfunction can be very troubling for you and your partner.

Gaining Weight 

Hormones play a huge part in weight control. When they are out of balance, they can affect your appetite, causing you to eat more. You may also have a more challenging time losing weight, even with proper nutrition and exercise.


Not being able to go to sleep is a problem. Hormones can even make the sleep you are getting ineffectual by causing other sleeping disorders that affect rest.

How To Balance Your Hormones

One-On-One Hormone Replacement

A medical specialist will test you and figure out your specific hormone replacement plan. The plan at the Hormone Balancing Clinic San Diego will be tailored specifically to you so that it fixes the problems you have. 

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Track Your Hormones

Millions of men suffer at least one symptom from out of balance hormones. iThriveMD® provides Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for relief of all symptoms relating to hormone imbalance.

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The Thyroid hormone is vital in calorie burning and weight loss. The thyroid gland creates it. When it is imbalanced, you can gain or lose weight too quickly. It can also affect your heart rate.

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Sex Hormones

Imbalances in Estrogen levels and testosterone levels can have long-reaching ramifications. They control sex drive and arousal, but it can also affect many other functions, including heart health, weight loss, and energy. 

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Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones

There are many ways to treat a hormone imbalance naturally. These include changing your diet. Sometimes adding coconut oil and avocados can give you healthy fats like omega-3s and fatty acids. 

Lifestyle changes like having a physical fitness routine, managing stress, and keeping a productive sleep schedule are also useful. Just doing these things can help bring your

Conventional Ways

If the natural ways to treat a hormone imbalance aren't working, you may have to take extra supplements.

Sometimes fixing a vitamin deficiency can help, like magnesium, b vitamin, and vitamin d. If that still isn't working, medication plans can get your body the hormones you need in the proper amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before going to a Hormone Replacement Clinic, you may have many questions. Here are a few of the most common ones to help you understand the process and what it aims to accomplish. 

Who Treats Hormonal Imbalance? 

A medical professional will be seeing you for your hormonal imbalance. It is usually a team of people. Your general practice doctor, your gynecologist, and an endocrinologist can all be part of it. There will also be nurses and other professionals who will be helping you during this time.

Is Hormonal Imbalance Bad?

Sometimes hormonal imbalance is normal. Natural functions like puberty and menstruation can cause some hormonal imbalance. It becomes detrimental when it is happening at strange times. When it isn't normal, you need to find out why it's happening and how to fix it. 

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