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PRP Facials San Diego

PRP Facials have been dubbed the newest and most effective anti-aging treatment to keep your skin bright and healthy.

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What are PRP Facials?

PRP facials are otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma facials. PRP facials are procedures in which a person's own blood is drawn before receiving the treatment. Once the blood is drawn, the red blood cells are separated from the plasma.

After the separation process, the platelet-rich plasma is then spread onto the face, including the forehead and cheeks. PRP facials include using a microneedling device, which is the act of puncturing the skin with tiny needles. The needling allows the plasma to be infused with the skin while also stimulating collagen growth. 

Am I a Candidate?

The best candidates for PRP facials are the ones looking to improve the quality of their skin. People with wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tones are most likely to seek PRP facial treatments. 

However, people who smoke, drink heavily, or are currently pregnant will want to avoid these treatments as they can cause future health complications. 

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Benefits Of A PRP Facial

There are many benefits to getting a PRP facial. The trend is popular among celebrities, as the treatment helps with preventing aging. But besides aging, several more skin-related problems getting a PRP facial can help solve.

Reduced Wrinkles

PRP facials are best known for their abilities to reverse signs of aging and reducing wrinkles. PRP can be injected into more troubled areas to enhance the treatment to and further reduce deeper lines and scarring.

Boost in Collagen Production

The use of microneedling can help boost collagen production. The small wounds caused by microneedling will allow the skin to repair itself with new, collagen-rich skin.

Lasting Results

If the procedure and aftercare are done correctly, the effects of PRP facials can last up to a year and a half, or 18 months. 

Firmer Skin

PRP facials can tighten and firm up the skin to keep it looking young.

Improved Moisture Appearance 

The use of platelet-rich plasma and microneedling will bring a glow to the skin, making the skin appear to be consistently well-moisturized.

Enhanced Tone

PRP facials can color-correct pigmentation and dark spots and brighten the skin's overall appearance. 

Minimally Invasive

No surgery is needed during a PRP facial treatment, and the procedure itself is relatively pain-free.

Limited Preparation Is Required

Little to no preparation is needed, though it is recommended that someone getting a PRP facial does not smoke or drink heavily beforehand.

No Downtime

There is very little downtime required compared to other forms of skin and beauty treatments. Instead of weeks, the healing process for PRP facials is rarely more than 24 hours. Redness and swelling are most likely to occur during this downtime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Treatments Will I need?

The number of treatments needed varies on your skin type. Depending on the issues your skin is facing, the number can range from three to six treatments. However, three PRP facial treatments tend to be the standard number.

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Are PRP Facials More Effective for Anti-Aging than Fillers?

Both fillers (such as botox) and PRP facials are effective in treating anti-aging. However, PRP facials are preferred by those who are looking for a more natural solution. The downtime for a PRP treatment is generally much shorter than fillers, which is another attractive plus.

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How Do I Take Care Of My Skin After A PRP Facial?

To properly take care of your skin after a PRP facial, it is recommended that you do not get your face wet in any way for at least five hours after your treatment. Moreover, this includes washing, sweating, and swimming.

You should not expose your skin to any heat for a few days. Avoid being in the sun exposure, and use minimal makeup in the week that follows your treatment. If you choose to put makeup on after that week, make sure that your brushes and applicators are clean.

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Can I Smoke After a PRP Facial?

The effects of smoking can prevent proper skin growth from occurring. It is highly recommended that you do not smoke before or after getting PRP therapy, as doing so can hinder the results of the treatment.

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Can You Workout After a PRP Facial?

Working out should be saved until after a week of getting your treatment. Working out can cause you to sweat and get your face wet.

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Does PRP Plump the Face?

PRP facials can plump up sagging skin and prevent the signs of aging.

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Is PRP Better than Fillers?

If finding a natural solution to treating your skin and making it appear more youthful is a priority, then yes. The effects can last just as long as regular fillers.

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