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Platelet-Rich Plasma is a way to rejuvenate and heal the body. Find out if PRP therapy is right for your condition.

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What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

Platelets are small blood cells responsible for clotting and play a large part in wound healing. They also secrete growth factors that are imperative for the healing process.

Plasma is the nutritious, liquid part of your blood responsible for cell transportation and waste control. It contains vital proteins and enzymes.

Platelet-rich plasma is the remaining substance when other factors are removed from the blood, such as red and white blood cells. The plasma serves as a vehicle for the platelets to aid in healing once injected into a patient.

Is PRP Therapy Right For You?

PRP therapy is ideal for people with certain kinds of joint pain or tendon injuries. It's not recommended for people with severe issues in these areas but an alternative to surgery where non-surgical treatment has failed. It's also becoming increasingly popular for cosmetic purposes.

PRP therapy is not recommended for anemic, pregnant, or specific bleeding issues or disorders.

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Understanding How PRP Therapy Works

Platelets and plasma can be separated from the blood and relocated to the body's problem points through regular injections. The platelet-rich plasma works as a condensed tonic of vitamins and nutrients that originate from your blood, and this lack of "invasive forces" is one of the things that makes PRP therapy so appealing.

PRP Injection Process

Before injections occur, the blood must be extracted from a person's body. The extraction and injection process is quick for most treatments.

About 30-60ml of blood is drawn. This blood is then placed in a vile that goes into a centrifuge that separates the blood components. The plasma and platelet components are separated from the red blood cells and injected back into the patient in their problem area.

PRP Facials

PRP facials can also improve skin quality due to its properties, promoting collagen growth, which provides your facial skin's structure and strength.

Hair Restoration

Getting PRP injections in your scalp can also aid hair growth. At first, this treatment will decrease hair loss, followed by an increase in hair growing more vibrantly and abundantly.

Joint Pain

PRP can decrease joint pain by reducing inflammation and healing damaged tissue, such as can be experienced in arthritis.

Scar Reduction

Like how it improves facial skin, PRP can reduce scars by encouraging new skin cells to grow and heal wounds.

Minor Ligament Tears

PRP therapy can be a counter-option for surgery with minor ligament tears. Surgery can cause scar tissue to develop, which makes one more prone to re-injury. PRP therapy helps small tears improve using the body's natural substances.

Sexual Health

PRP therapy can be used to improve sexual health in both male and female patients. The procedure is similar to other PRP therapy sessions in its quickness and short recovery period.

Aesthetic Use 

PRP therapy improves skin quality, hair growth, and other aesthetic points with almost no risk for injection or allergic reaction.


PRP therapy is a safe and effective way to treat osteoarthritis, especially in the knee osteoarthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of PRP Therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy provides ample amounts of benefits. There's a reason the substance is called "liquid gold"! It promotes healthy cell and tissue regeneration and is native to your own body.

Hair Growth

PRP stimulates hair follicles on the scalp, which causes it to produce new hair growth. It's not surgical or even that painful.

Tissue Healing

Scar tissue can have an unappealing appearance, but outside of that, it can cause further issues when it's internal. Using PRP to heal the tissue can alleviate or remove these issues.

Inflammation Reduction

PRP has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid with conditions involving inflammation or treat inflammation caused by an injury.

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What to Expect During Your PRP Therapy Appointments

PRP therapy sessions generally do not take very long, as they require a quick extraction of blood, its preparation, and then to be injected into the designated areas. Patients do not experience long recovery time and often leave the office immediately after the appointment.

They generally as follows:

  1. The patient has their blood drawn
  2. The vile is placed into the centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the platelets and plasma
  3. The patient's injection area is cleansed
  4. If necessary, an ultrasound is used to locate the internal problem areas for proper injection
  5. The area is injected with about 3ml of PRP
  6. The injection site is cleaned and bandaged
  7. The patient goes on their way!

Occasional attention to injected areas for soreness may be advised to alleviate post-procedure discomfort, though this is often minor.

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How Do You Prepare for PRP Injections?

For hair growth and skin treatment, the area should be clean and void of foreign products such as shampoo or makeup.

It's also important to note that patients should not undergo PRP treatment while on certain medications. Medicines such as corticosteroid medication, anticoagulation medication, or even ibuprofen or Tylenol should be avoided a few days before and after the injection.

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How Much Does PRP Cost?

PRP therapy costs $500+ per injection. As of right now, it's considered "experimental" and not always covered by insurance. We are currently running specials that are one of the lowest prices in San Diego. Inquire below.

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What is the success rate of PRP hair treatment?

Although not much research has been conducted, PRP has shown to be useful for hair treatment.

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Does PRP thicken hair?

Yes. It stimulates the hair follicles to promote growth.

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Does PRP hurt hair?

PRP does not harm hair.

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Is PRP FDA approved?

The FDA has approved . Platelet-rich plasma itself is out of the FDA's jurisdiction because it's not a drug and comes from the patient's own body.

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Does PRP work for wrinkles?

Yes. Platelets contain components that counteract wrinkles in the skin.

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What are the side effects of PRP?

PRP itself poses few risks of infection, etc., as the substance comes directly from the patient. Side effects are likelier to occur due to the shot itself, such as irritation and temporary bleeding.

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