Dr. Thomas Macsay

Dr. Thomas Macsay is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, receiving his Doctorate from Bastyr University. His background is extensive covering personal training, massage therapy, strength and conditions, sports medicine, acupuncture, clinical herbalism, and traditional Chinese Medicine giving him the tools to meet most patients where they are at and allowing him to integrate their care into one model.

Clinically he concentrates on treating chronic pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction by combining integrated physical medicine paired with comprehensive naturopathic medical care. He also focuses on treating chronic conditions such as hormone imbalances, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, metabolic disease, and arthritic conditions.  

Dr. Macsay enjoys incorporating regenerative injections, herbal remedies, nutritional supplementation, dietary counseling, bio-identical hormone replacement, physical medicine (cranial sacral, myofascial, NMT, ART), and intravenous therapy into his treatment protocols based on patient needs. He believes in treating the underlying causes of diseases and treating the whole person, understanding that it's his job to give people the tools to ultimately heal themselves.  

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