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We focus on aesthetics, medicine, and regenerative medicine for both male and female patients.


Our mission

Our mission here at iThriveMD is to elevate individuals to a higher state of being by bringing the most advanced therapies and technologies in preventive and aesthetic medicine to the forefront for safe public consumption. Our team consists of leading physician experts, former professional athletes, naturopathic doctors, and nurses who are deploying unique treatment modalities not readily available in traditional medical settings to enhance human performance and mitigate symptoms of debilitating chronic conditions. These include but are not limited to the use of IV nutrition, peptide therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement, minimally invasive aesthetics, and the latest in regenerative medicine.

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Our Leadership Team

The iThriveMD team is led by Dr. Samir Damani, an internationally known and recognized board-certified cardiologist with over 15 years of experience in the field. Dr. Damani is known to be one of the first cardiology specialists to bridge traditional medicine with digital health and genomic technology. Due to his overall holistic approach to healthcare, he is a “change agent.”

In addition to his holistic approach, Dr. Damani is backed with an impressive scientific background as well. He has directed multi-million dollar National Institutes of Health-sponsored research grants and published countless peer-reviewed articles.

As part of his dedication to innovation, Dr. Damani holds multiple patents on state of the art healthcare technologies. He has also founded numerous companies whose sole focus is to improve the healthcare of specific populations worldwide.

Dr. Damani’s educational background also stands true to his wisdom of the field. Not only does he have a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia, but he also secured a Doctorate of Medicine from the Georgia Health Sciences University and earned a Masters degree in Clinical Investigation at the Scripps Research Institute.

In addition to Dr. Damani’s extensive medical background, the iThriveMD team also consists of the Nurse Practitioner, Naturopathic ND, former professional athletes, elite trainers, and wellness and aesthetic experts. Together, the iThriveiMD team designs treatment plans for patients considering genetics, family history, lifestyle, and goals.

iThriveMD® Team