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We focus on aesthetics, medicine, and regenerative medicine for both male and female patients.


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Women's Health

Female Health + Aesthetics

At iThriveMD® we want to highlight the importance of women’s health. Understanding chronic reproductive and non-reproductive health issues of women are vital in delivering the proper wellness care to you.

Come and visit our wellness clinic to decide the proper plan of action to attain optimal health. Through regular checkups, we can help to maintain your health and keep you in tip-top shape.

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REgenerative Medicine

Regenerative Therapies + Better Feeling You

Aiming to help you become the healthiest version of yourself, we offer the biomedical approach to clinical therapy known as regenerative therapy. Through the process of replacing and regenerating, we can help restore the regular functionality of your cells.

Regenerate therapies prove to help restore functions of damaged tissue and organs within your body. We work with you to help you get back as much of your overall function as possible.

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regenerative medicine san diego

" Receiving treatment from iThriveMD has allowed me to recover really well and continue to train at a high level going into my 9th NFL season "

rated 5 out of 5 starts
Jahleel Addae
NFL Football Player
Pro football player testimonial
Male enhancement clinic san diego
Men's Health

Male Health + Performance

We take a closer look at men’s overall health. Studies have shown that overall, men tend to pay less attention to their health than women. We offer guidance in hormone replacement, male enhancement, erectile dysfunction treatments, and overall wellness plans.

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Advanced Alternative Therapies

Additional Services We Offer

iThriveMD® currently offers 25 services related to aesthetics, health, regenerative & naturopathic medicine, and athletic performance.

prp therapy san diego

PRP Treatment San Diego

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy utilizes a person’s platelets to reinvigorate and alleviate their body. It involves a series of injections in the affected areas to treat a variety of ailments, from joint pain to ligament tears.

More and more people are choosing PRP therapy as it is on the rise for improvement of well-being and physical health. Platelet-Rich Plasma is a way to rejuvenate and heal the body. Learn more about what it is here.

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hormone balance san diego

Rebalance + Optimize Your Hormones

Hormones are chemicals in the body created by your endocrine glands. There are proper amounts of these chemicals you should have, and when there is too much or too little, your body's equilibrium could be at risk. We don't just check your hormones, we custom tailor a hormone balancing plan that works for you. We use both traditional and natural modalities.

vitamin iv therapy san diego

IV Nutrition Therapy + Boost Your Health

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle and be at their best. Sometimes, though, you may need a boost to help you get back your energy or combat an illness.

For those looking for an easy and quick way to revive their health, IV nutrition therapy San Diego may be the right solution.

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erectile dysfunction clinic san diego

Male Enhancement + Performance

Want to optimize your health? Whether it’s to gain more energy, improve your aesthetics, or maximize your workouts, iThriveMD® is on the cutting edge of men’s health. iThriveMD® is a premier men’s wellness med spa in San Diego that bridges the gap between bio-hacking, medicine, and aesthetics.

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Pro football player testimonial
 "Receiving treatment from iThriveMD has allowed me to recover really well and continue to train at a high level going into my 9th NFL season !
rated 5 out of 5 starts
Jahleel Addae
NFL Football Player


Come in for a free consultation and let us guide you to the path of health and aesthetics. Find a better feeling you.

"Receiving treatment from ithriveMd has allowed me to recover really well  and continue to train at high level going into my 9th NFL season !"
ithrivemd testimonial
Jahleel Addae
NFL Football player
" I had tears of joy when they told me they can fix this for me! "
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