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The feeling of fatigue is founded in physical and mental weariness, a sense of constant tiredness. Fatigue might be from lifestyle habits, psychological stress, or other issues that impact your general well-being and energy. Find out how iThriveMD® can help you improve your energy levels.

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Comprehensive Assessment

Fatigue isn't necessarily being tired or sleepy. Yes, it can be a symptom of not receiving adequate sleep. It could also be the result of simply not taking care of yourself. Your lifestyle could be the cause. There may be daily stressors you're not aware of. For instance, you could be exercising too strenuously and not be aware of it. Fatigue may be a condition of a variety of disorders and diseases.

When energy levels are low, it's hard to concentrate, to get through daily, routine activities. There can be moodiness, appetite loss, body weakness, aching muscles, slowed responses and reflexes, and far more.


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If you are experiencing severe fatigue, it may be practical to turn to medical or therapeutic professionals like iThriveMD in San Diego. We're here to diagnose fatigue and develop a personalized treatment plan to help manage the symptom. Our team will ascertain if distress, quality of life, or other factors are at the root of fatigue.

When you come into our lab, expect us to employ technology that helps precise diagnosis. For example, we use tests that look for differentials in blood count and first signs of sedimentation rates and may utilize a complete microscopic exam. In addition, we test for diabetes and look at electrolytes and fluids.

Your treatment plan may require medication. But, if possible, we will always try to find a natural way to improve energy levels in San Diego.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Natural Options Are Available To Improve Energy?

A range of options is available for addressing fatigue.

Take a Walk

Something as simple as three brisk 10-minute walks a day can elevate energy levels in San Diego. It's a good way to stay healthy, however, if you notice any circulation issues, it may be a good idea to check your circulation at chronic venous insufficiency may be a cause of fatigue.

Get on Your Bike

Like walking, three 10-minute rides added to a daily routine will make a huge difference. This quickly pumps up the heart rate and gets energy levels up. Being out in the sunshine increases vitamin D, and that too increases energy levels.

Work on Energy at the Right Time

It's recommended you do some exercise in the early afternoon to boost energy levels. This is when fatigue tends to be at its highest point. While getting to the gym's a great idea, sometimes it's not feasible. But there are alternatives to the gym.

Power Down

You may not see how exhausted and stressed you are. Fatigue settles in the brain. Anything from not sleeping to continually checking your text messages can trigger it. Daily blocks of time should be set where you mentally shut it down. A power nap is an excellent way to rejuvenate.

Straighten That Spine

The average person hunches, especially over their device. This, unfortunately, slows blood flow and can close blood vessels. Focus on sitting or standing straight. It loosens the shoulders and necks, ensuring more excellent blood distribution.

What Are Natural Ways To Balance Hormones?

  • Make sure your bedroom temperatures are comfortable
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Eat lighter dinners high in healthy carbs
  • Turn off that device for the night
  • Try adaptogenic herbs like Holy Basil and Rhodiola or relaxants like magnesium

What Are Naturals Ways To Improve Sleep?

  • Keep a regular sleep schedule
  • Fight after-meal drowsiness through small tasks like washing dishes
  • Minimize light exposure while you sleep
  • Get some exercise in daily, such as biking or walking
  • Avoid nicotine and caffeine

Make sleep a priority. Use the bedroom only for rest and sleep. No devices, no television. If you're still having troubles and it's affecting your daily life, seek professional help.

Hormone Balancing

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Hormones like cortisol and melatonin are factors in the cycles of waking and sleeping. Even if you get your eight hours, if hormone levels are off, you're not getting the rest you need.

‍iThrive looks at melatonin and cortisol levels to see if they're a culprit in fatigue, and we find the best ways to combat it and improve energy levels in San Diego.

Weight Loss

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Unexplained weight loss or weight gain needs to be addressed. It can often be a indicator for the cause of your low energy. iThriveMD® has a team of specialists and a medical doctor who can help identify and treat low energy. We offer FDA approved Semaglutide programs.

Sleep Tracking

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Fatigue can result from not getting a good night's sleep (an obvious symptom), but fatigue can also come from too much sleep. If you're not getting proper sleep, your long term health is at risk. Find out how iThriveMD® can help you optimize your sleep.


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It's essential when reviewing low energy levels to study eating habits. Often, we ask a patient to keep a food journal. Tracking what you ate and how you feel is incredibly helpful. At iThriveMD® we look for distress in the stomach, like irritable bowel syndrome and much more.

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If fatigue is a problem, reach out to San Diego's premier wellness med spa, iThriveMD®. Our energy level clinic designs personalized wellness plans tailored to managing fatigue and staying healthy. Achieve optimal wellness by contacting us today.

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