Female Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (FBHRT) in Encinitas, CA

Nourish your vitality and health with our Female Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (FBHRT) at $289 a month, tailored to meet your unique hormonal needs as you age.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy enhances vitality, restores energy levels, and promotes overall well-being, helping you feel your best.
  • Improved sex drive
  • Mood regulation
  • Better sleep
  • Weight management
  • More energy
  • Mental clarity
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Here's what to expect for FBHRT

If you ever have questions or need guidance at any point, remember that we offer complimentary 15-minute consultations to ensure your peace of mind and confidence in your wellness journey.
Lab Work

Obtain essential lab work to determine your medical eligibility.

$104.11 at Quest or get them from your PCP.

Labs required:
Estradiol, Total & Free Testosterone, Progesterone, DHEA-S, SHBG, FSH, LH, CBC w/diff, CMP

Lab Review

Schedule a lab review with one of our providers to ensure FBHRT is your best treatment option.

$150* (put toward your first month's membership fee)

If the provider determines you are not a candidate based on your lab results they will work with you to develop an alternative treatment plan to help you reach your health goals.

It's that easy!
Start Your Treatment

Start FBHRT therapy and injection regimen. Results are noticeable after 1 to 1.5 months.


Includes lifestyle, supplement recommendations, prescriptions, active monitoring, 1 full consultation with a provider every month & 15% off wellness services.

*The cost of the lab review is nonrefundable even if you are not medically eligible for semaglutide. Your provider will discuss alternative options if that is the case.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hormone balancing?

Hormone balancing is the process of restoring and maintaining the delicate balance of hormones in a woman’s body. This is important for women in menopause, as it can help to ease many of the symptoms associated with this transition.

What are natural ways to treat your hormones?

Natural ways to balance hormones include modifications to your diet. For instance, adding healthy fats like omega-3s and fatty acids can help your body rebalance.

Additionally, lifestyle changes such as incorporating a physical fitness routine, stress management, and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can positively affect overall hormonal balance.

How does hormone balancing work?

A standard treatment plan involves taking hormones either orally or through injections. However, various natural methods can achieve hormone balance, such as dietary changes and supplements.

What is bioidentical hormone therapy?

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a hormone replacement therapy that uses hormones identical to the ones produced by the human body, allowing them to be more readily accepted by the body and eliminating the risk of side effects associated with synthetic hormones.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, including menopause, perimenopause, and adrenal insufficiency. It can also be used to improve fertility, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Side effects from bioidentical hormone therapy are rare but can include weight gain, bloating, headaches, and mood swings. If you experience any serious side effects, you should stop taking the hormones and consult your doctor.

It's important to talk to your doctor about whether it's bioidentical hormone therapy is right for you. If you're considering this type of therapy, ask about potential risks and side effects.


See what our patients have to say!

ithrivemd customer review mj
Awesome facility!! They do everything!! Very reputable!! And accommodating!! You won't be sorry!!

Robert T.
I've been low on energy, libido and had erratic sleep.  Testosterone shots from Dr Joe Schum and the entire medical team at iThriveMD have been a great blessing to improving my wellness.  I work in a medical setting and impressed by their diligence, welcome and friendly environment.

Eunice S.
I found ithriveMD through instagram and saw that they offered injections. I was a little nervous to go through with it as it is an out of pocket expense, but i am SO GLAD i did it! I have seen a major speed up of the healing process in my injury which had been so slow up until i got the treatment done.
Casey C.
Finally found a naturopathic dr in San Diego that was able to help me get the blood work my physician refused. I was able to develop a natural way to help my thyroid and gastrointestinal issues. I highly recommend Ithrivemd and Dr. Fry.

patient profile photo
Chris H.
First of all I came in with expectations of achieving a weight goal and IThrive didn't disappoint. Not only did the entire experience starting with the receptionist Val at the desk to Dr.Fry who not only helped me understand everything I was wanting to do, she was very knowledgeable and friendly. I have stayed with them for over 5 months now and have not had one negative experience.
Brianna O.
Easy to find location and there is plenty of parking outside. Office was clean and tidy. I got an IV treatment, which was very fast. Felt like I was in and out which I loved!

Cherry B.
Love this place! They listen, don't judge and go where my insurance refuses to go! Thank you for putting me first IThrive!!

patient profile icon
Terri L.
I went in for a B12 shot last week and it was my first time so I was a little nervous but they made me feel really comfortable and it was super quick and painless. I felt really good after and noticed it kept me in a good mood with good energy. It was only $25 and I plan to go back for my second shot tomorrow. The staff was always really friendly and helpful.


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