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Are you looking for Weight loss in San Diego? It's on everyone's mind. Obesity can cause an artery of health concerns like diabetes and high blood pressure. If you're trying to get back in shape to live a healthier and happier life, medical weight loss can help you drop your extra weight so that you can keep it off.

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What We Focus On

Medical weight loss attempts to find problems with weight loss programs in an all-natural way. It avoids miracle weight loss pills and procedures. Weight loss surgery and medication can be options, but only in severe cases where other treatments can't help.

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Hormone Balancing

Looking at your hormones is crucial to improving your energy.

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Customized Plans

Running accurate labs will tell you if your biochemistry is off.

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Targeted Nutrition

Losing weight and eating right is one step towards greater energy.

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When energy starts increasing, it's important to introduce exercise.

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What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss programs are physician-directed systems that use scientific principles to help people lose weight. It looks for the causes of your weight gain and finds ways to correct underlying health issues that can stop weight loss.

A medical professional will be checking on nutrition, hormone levels, sleep, and other physiological aspects that can cause obesity. By following a medical weight loss system, you can lose weight in a sustained fashion to stay in shape after the weight loss.

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All-Natural and Conventional

Medical weight loss attempts to find problems with weight loss programs in an all-natural way. It avoids miracle weight loss pills and procedures. Weight loss surgery and medication can be options, but only in severe cases where other treatments can't help.

By finding the underlying reasons for weight, you can treat the problems directly. These problems can be as simple as getting more restful sleep, adding physical activity, or eating correctly, so your body isn't missing essential nutrients that make you hungry.

One-On-One Weight Management

Multiple studies show that one-on-one weight management is more effective than dieting on your own or in large groups. A few factors may contribute to this improvement.
First of all, you are the primary factor in this system. Everything about the plan is specifically designed to help you.

Second, people do better on a weight loss system when they feel there is accountability. If you cheat on your diet, and only you know about it, you can justify that, but when you meet with a specialist regularly, you have to explain what happened.

One-On-One weight management helps you get the most out of your time with a weight loss clinic. Your plan will be just what you need to lose weight and get healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are treatments for hormone balance safe?

Balancing hormones has been proven safe, with plenty of studies showing its effectiveness. This process isn't about changing anything; it's about putting your natural hormones back in order. It is balancing the system again so that your body functions properly. 

Hormones are naturally occurring in the body. They become unbalanced due to both natural and artificial means, and sometimes they need a little help to get back on track. Finding your hormone balance can make you happier and promote weight loss. 

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Get Optimized

Targeted Supplements

Even when you're eating correctly, you can still have some vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Everyone's body is a little different, and you might need help getting all your vitamins. Targeted supplements can fix that.

We find out exactly what vitamins and minerals you need and give you a supplement regimen to fill your nutrition gaps. When your body isn't craving vitamins, you will be less hungry, helping you stay on your diet plan.

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High Absorption

IV Nutrition For Energy

Lack of energy is one of the top reasons people disrupt exercise habits and eat poorly. Inadequate hydration and nutrition can lead to you feeling drained. During your medical weight loss treatment, you will directly get IV nutrition to give you a much-needed energy boost. 

IV nutrition can help you with weight loss in San Diego. Many of us are missing essentials like hydration and full nutrition. The IV will help you gain these elements quickly, making it much easier to maintain them as you go forward. Whenever you need a hydration and nutrition tune-up, just come in and get your IV for a quick boost. 

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Eat Right For Your Body Type

Customized Diet Plans

We are going to take a look at you as an individual. We will find out what you like, what you don't like and make a meal plan that works best for you. If you love meat and potatoes, we will find a diet that incorporates that. If you prefer to live a vegetarian lifestyle, we can make that work too. We can fit your eating plan to your taste.

The goal is to make sure you get the proper mix of nutrition and fullness from your meal plan. No matter what your food desires are, you will feel full and satisfied if you're getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and calories for your body. Finding this proper mix will help you lose weight without feeling like you're starving yourself.

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Track Your Progress

Lab Results and Monitoring

To ensure that everything is working, you'll get labs and monitoring done during the whole process. Blood work will make sure that your blood sugar levels are right, and it can even tell if you are breaking down fats. There will also be tests for your major organ. These tests will ensure you are staying healthy while losing weight. 

By monitoring your overall health during your weight loss, you and your physician can be sure you are losing weight at a sustainable level. Healthy weight loss will help keep it from coming back. 

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If fatigue is a problem, reach out to San Diego's premier wellness med spa, iThriveMD®. Our energy level clinic designs personalized wellness plans tailored to managing fatigue and staying healthy. Achieve optimal wellness by contacting us today.

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